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Unfortunately, not all Shopify apps are free!  Check out our previous free resource to see our list of must-have Shopify apps (totally free!) that can help you create your own virtual storefront, and now we are sharing our favorite paid apps.


In this list you’ll find apps with a number of different functions, so make sure to read their descriptions. Some of these apps will help you increase your sales while others will be geared towards rewarding your customers (ie loyalty programs). You will want to take advantage of what you can, and save up for the rest of them.


Each of these apps serve their own purpose, and you'll be happy to have them on your website. An extra set of hands is always helpful, especially when they are autofunctioning. Autofunctioning apps can take a huge work load off of the average business owner. The pen and paper method might work in the beginning of your business, but if you want to scale, then you need to have apps that track progress for your company.


Thank you for checking out everything Wild Optix Designs has to offer. This freebie was designed with you in mind! These apps will help you to bring you  your Shopify store to the next level. We have more in store for you! There are a number of invaluable blog posts for you to explore, and you should take advantage of our FREE website SEO grading. Is there anything we can help you with? Send us a message!

The Best Paid Apps for Shopify Stores

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