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If you want to have a successful business, you need a website that speaks to your customers. Websites are extremely important for marketing as well as communication. With the use of digital business cards on the rise, websites are continuing to be worth their weight in gold. In order to make sure your website is a platform that accurately reflects your business, we have created a free downloadable business website essentials checklist.


We understand that completing the checklist can prove to be harder than it looks! The team at Wild Optix Designs is here to help with all of your website needs. Reach out for a free SEO audit of your current website, or set up an appointment to have a fresh website made for your business!


Wild Optix Designs takes pride in our website creation services. By using unique and custom layouts, fonts, and images, our customers are sure to have a website that speaks highly of their business. We work hard to ensure that website visitors turn into paying customers or clients. Not only are the websites we create functional and unique, we spend time researching and optimizing every page and keyword. A website that ranks well in search results draws more clients!


What can you find in our business website essentials checklist? Not only will you find a checklist, but each essential bullet is accompanied by easy to follow reasoning and suggestions. We take pride in helping our customers understand the critical factors behind running a successful website.


Please be mindful that this website essentials checklist is only the beginning of what it takes to have a successful business website. There are hundreds of components that make up a website including branding and SEO work. Use this checklist as a starting guide to help you form an impactful website that builds your business!


Business Website Essentials Checklist

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