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As a business owner, it isn’t easy to keep your social media pages up to date while running your business. If there is one thing to learn from the Wild Optix blog posts and freebies- your social media accounts are important. This freebie is designed to help you take advantage of free Facebook groups and the opportunity they bring for business growth.


Customer Loyalty Programs


Looking for a way to reward your customers for their constant support? Make sure to be active in your group with games! You can offer your customers a small prize, a discount, or a free product. These small acts of kindness go a long way in showing your customers that you appreciate their business. Not all small businesses have the capital to run a loyalty program, and that is okay. You always have the opportunity to reward your customers without spending large amounts of money. 


Group Engagement


How important are retail groups for small businesses? They are essential! Retail groups are a great place to tell your customers about pending vacations, pre-orders, new hours, and help you connect with your customers. When a retail group has engagement, customers are more likely to spread the word about your business and invite their friends to the group. If you haven’t already, start a private Facebook group for your business!


If you find that keeping your group engaged and your sales flowing in is too time-consuming, feel free to reach out to Wild Optix Designs. Our team is familiar with the social media needs of businesses of all sizes. We can accommodate your social media pages while maintaining your branding- your customers will never know you have our helping hands behind the scenes. 

4 Retail Group Engagement Games

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