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Wix Website Hosting Scams

Some website design agencies out there will offer to host your site on Wix for a hefty price. Unfortunately, some of these companies are just taking your hard-earned money without actually doing any real work.

Some website design agencies out there will offer to host your site on Wix for a hefty price. Unfortunately, some of these companies are just taking your hard-earned money without actually doing any real work.       Wix Website Hosting Scams  Most business owners are too busy to learn about all the technicalities of Wix. A business owner may feel overwhelmed with learning technical terms and the ins and outs of Wix. So, if a website agency offers to host their Wix website for a monthly price, they may not know what is needed and not needed, especially when what is being offered sounds enticing.  Let’s take a look at common examples of what a website design agency may be offering and break down if you need the services or not. The bullet points listed below is a real example of what a scam package may be offering in a hosting plan:  ·       Website Security ·       Crash Recovery ·       Hacking Protection and Recovery ·       Bug fixes ·       24-hour response time ·       Most fixes complete in less than 48 hours ·       Up to 60 minutes of development time per month ·       Wix Business Unlimited Plan ·       Minor edits and changes  Wix Website Security  In the package example listed above, website security is listed at the top. Security is built into every Wix website. If your website design agency offers website security as part of your package, it’s something you don’t need- you would be paying the website design agency for something that Wix is already doing. Wix security meets 9 core standards:  1.     SSL Certificates  You gain your website visitors’ trust by having SSL web security to keep connections secure and private over an HTTPS connection.  2.     Level 1 PCI Compliant   You get a website that adheres to the highest level of payment industry standards, keeping your visitor transactions private.  3.     ISO 27001 & 27018 Certificates Wix maintains industry best practices for handling personal information (PII) and managing website security risks.  4.     TLS 1.2  Feel safe knowing that Wix adds extra layers of website security like TLS 1.2 to keep all transactions on your site private.  5.     DDoS Protection Wix servers have gone through extensive hacker testing to ensure your website is always up and running.  6.     Website Security Monitoring  The Wix team monitors Wix websites 24/7 for any suspicious activity and continually conducts software security reviews.  7.     2-Step Verification Prevent unauthorized entries into your account with 2-step verification. You’ll receive a code anytime an unrecognized device attempts to log in.  8.     Centralized Website Security Wix is a centralized SaaS solution and website platform. This means that all security updates are automatically applied to your site.  9.     GDPR and CCPA  Wix works with teams of experts to help ensure that their products and services are in compliance with privacy regulations.  You can always take your own website security a step further by making sure your passwords are 12 characters or longer, that you have your own anti-virus software installed, and that you use secure VPNs when accessing public WIFI.   Wix Hacking Protection and Recovery  This service is not something that you need to pay monthly for. Wix automatically backs up your website. You don’t need to do anything but rest assured that your site is saved. If you want to take it a step further, you can always make a duplicate website right from your Wix dashboard in about three seconds. This keeps a replicate copy of your website should you need it. Many cautious business owners also choose to back up their blog posts by storing them safely on their computer or in an external drive.  If you want extra security for your business assets, you would be better off contacting a local IT company and seeing what they can do for you in the way of virus and hacking protection. Many companies also offer to train your team to prevent weak links in your security.   Wix Crash Recovery  Crash recovery is another common service that a website design agency may offer you within your hosting package. To understand why you probably don’t need to pay for this monthly let’s look at the reasons a site may crash.   1.     Code Errors  This occurs when your website crashes because your website developer did not code properly. Do you have custom code on your website? If the answer is no, you don’t need to worry about this. Did your website developer code properly the first time? If that possibility exists, the custom coding could be the problem and you should reach out to your developer.    2.     Viruses or Hackers  There are many types of viruses and hacker attacks that can cause your website to crash. As stated above, Wix has many top-notch security features to keep your site safe. Ultimately, account security falls to you as the business owner and to those who have access to your site. You and your team should always stay up to date on ways to safe and secure online.  3.     Plugin/Extension Errors  Plugins/extensions/apps/widgets are pieces of software that you add to give your site additional features. These typically are created by a third-party. Before your website developer installs any additional features, they should make sure that the app is regularly updated by the third-party. Most apps are monitored by the third-party so that you and your developer don’t have to worry about it.   4.     Traffic Errors   Traffic errors are why you DON’T want to go viral. If your website isn’t able to handle a million visitors all at once, your website will crash. To handle a million website visitors your site will need to have the right amount bandwidth previously purchased. If a traffic error occurs, you will need to contact your service provider (Wix) to resolve. Going viral is rare and isn’t something that usually needs to be worried about.   5.     Domain Errors  This type of crash occurs when the business owner lets their domain expire. The business owner should always be the owner of a domain, not the website developer. The business owner/manager should never, ever let the domain expire. Not only will your site crash, but someone else can purchase the domain and request you pay them to have the domain back. Wix will send the right people many notifications about an upcoming domain expiration. You will simply need to keep your payment and business information current and repurchase your domain when the time comes.   To put it all together, crash recovery services may not be a service you need to pay monthly for. Your website design agency is not going to be sitting and watching your site 24/7, it’s more likely that you will identify the issue first, and then notify your website developer. For Wix apps, and most other apps, you will receive a notification if something needs to be addressed. Crash recovery is best utilized at an as-needed, hourly rate.   Wix Bug Fixes  As stated before, Wix keeps your site updated automatically to prevent any bugs that keep your site from operating normally. In the unlikely event that you are experiencing a technical issue with your website, Wix will resolve it. Wix also has amazing customer service so if you notice something isn’t working quite right you can shoot them an email and they respond within 24 hours. They even do 3-minute call backs after you have gone through the chat center should you need more immediate assistance. Wix customer service is all free of charge.   Looking back at the real example package, the remaining items in the package are:   ·       24-hour response time ·       Most fixes complete in less than 48 hours ·       Up to 60 minutes of development time per month ·       Wix Business Unlimited Plan ·       Minor edits and changes  What if you are paying $200 a month for your Wix Hosting package? The only thing you are getting is 60 minutes of development time per month and your Wix Business Unlimited Plan. Basically, you are paying over $150 an hour for development time that you may or may not use every month. Industry standard rates for website maintenance can be anywhere from $50- $65 an hour. Unfortunately, hosting scams like this are common for website design agencies to offer, even on different platforms.    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