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Insights to The Social Dilemma

Updated: Feb 25

Have you seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix? The film interviewed former executives from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Lately, The Social Dilemma has been all the talk! This documentary-style film discusses social controversies caused by the social giants from fake news, data collection, media addiction, bullying, and to political manipulation. It’s no secret that social media can leave us feeling depressed, lonely, frustrated, and even angry.

Social Media's Impact on Family

The Social Dilemma starts off by showing a scene of a family and how being plugged into social media negatively affected communication during dinner time. It’s likely that the last time you went to family dinner, people were sitting around mindlessly scrolling on their phones instead of talking, laughing, or listening. The sad truth is that we have all done it. We all have bad days and want to spend the evening relaxing; and naturally, we find it easy to escape into the internet. Unfortunately, what we miss out on real human connection, bonding, sharing experiences, and listening to someone else’s day. Most people could truly benefit more from someone simply saying, “Hey, tell me about your day” in person.

Managing your business on social media is necessary. If you can use social media wisely, it can be a valuable resource for business growth, increasing your brand awareness, and increasing your website’s traffic. Sometimes it is important to remember that it CAN wait. Your business may implode overnight- but it will not be because you didn’t check your screen 1000 times during dinner time! Businesses take time to build and its okay to pace yourself. Put down the phone and enjoy getting to know your own family.

Can Social Media be an addiction?

Social media is designed to keep us checking in constantly. Social media notifications, alerts, updates are addictive… and our favorite social media platforms know just how to keep us hooked! When is the last time you ate dinner with your family and didn’t touch your phone at all? If you are a business owner this is especially difficult. We business owners have comments to respond to, messages to reply to, reviews to manage; and of course, networking to do!

Try turning off notifications. You can go into your phone’s settings and easily toggle OFF receiving notifications. Finally, no more alerts for all the small things that keep you distracted and unproductive! We recommend checking on your account’s activity once or twice a day. Check for messages and comments in the morning and then maybe a second time in the afternoon. Avoid getting on social media a few hours before bed. It’s not worth loosing sleep over.

Social Media and Privacy Concerns

Now imagine for a moment that you spent the morning looking through others’ Instagram profiles. You innocently looked at cute puppies, some amazing parkour, and fun Thanksgiving Day recipes. Then all of the sudden, that is all you are seeing in your feed! A boutique bandana store for dogs, a parkour tournament in Italy, and this ice cream cake that makes you drool! This is not a coincidence. Facebook and Instagram algorithms make sure we are seeing things that we love. The downside of this, is that Facebook and Instagram know exactly what we like and dislike. The Social Dilemma explored issues around increased biases, because if you are involved in, let’s say an activist movement, you only get shown one side of the issue!

The key here is to keep your beliefs, ideas, and thoughts open to change. Be curious with your friends and family. Hear the other side of the story. Ask questions. Avoid being “certain” about topics. It is also really important to not put your sensitive information out there. Sometimes less is more, for privacy's sake.

If you find managing your own social media is still too stressful, get in touch. We understand the obstacles social media can pose and we are here to make life easier for you! As your go to social media marketing agency, discover how our services can help you keep your business running smoothly.

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