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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Updated: Mar 18

Restaurants need a social media marketing agency to communicate with customers in their local community. Social media allows you to increase brand awareness with a personal touch, increase organic website traffic, and let customers have the inside “scoop” on events, receive updates on hours, and updates on menu changes.

Why do restaurants need social media?

Search engines love businesses that are active on social media. Other than creating brand awareness, being active on social media makes your business legit! Google LOVES when you are active on social media. If you want to rank higher in search results you should have an account on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Google ranks sites higher if they have a lot of social shares and backlinks to their site.

Social media marketing strategies for restaurants

An important strategy for the food industry is to get top-notch social media imagery. One of the best examples, is Crumbl Cookie’s Facebook page and Crumbl Cookie’s Instagram page. If these pages don’t have you drooling, I don’t know what will! Did you notice the beautiful social media imagery? Did you notice the beautiful aesthetic? What about the stunning video of cookies being prepared and broken in half?

Gaining loyal customers through social media

Excellent and personable customer service is what keeps businesses alive! People want to be wowed. Respond to your audience’s comments. Send “thank you for following” messages on Instagram! Leave QR codes on tables so customers can easily leave reviews and be sure to respond professionally to each and every one.

Stand out from the crowd by bringing your A game to the table. Even if your menu is small, there are 1000 different ways to take a picture of something. Change the tablecloth background, the lighting, and have different models in the pictures. You can use Canva to animate your images, create beautiful borders, add text or icons.

Social media marketing for restaurants is necessary. Whether you have a food truck, a cookie delivery company, or a fancy in-dining attraction, you need social media. Social media is what ties together your online brand and brings you loyal, drooling customers. Don’t have time to run a restaurant and do your own social media? Contact Wild Optix Designs today.

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