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Reasons to Love and Use Wix Website Builder

Updated: Aug 21

Deciding where to have your website hosted is a cause of great stress for most business owners and bloggers. There are so many options including WordPress, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. Each hosting agency has their own strengths and weaknesses, but this article focuses on reasons to love and use Wix.

Wix and SEO

Wix and SEO is just as good as any other host! If you understand the fundamentals of SEO, you can absolutely have a top-ranking site with Wix. You have to have a solid understanding of keywords, backlinks, title tags, meta descriptions, word count and content, picture tags, etc. On Wix, you can index your site on Google through a Wix App called SEO Wiz. This process is called site mapping. On WordPress, for example, site mapping is done through Yoast. So, is Wix good for SEO? Absolutely. In fact, we have helped multiple companies rank on the first page of Google with their Wix site.

Wix Design

Wix has a 1000’s of templates you can choose from. Wix design templates are unique, customizable, and you can find something interesting no matter your industry. Wix also has the option to start from scratch- blank slates that can become anything that you want! Some people wonder about the capabilities of a Wix site. There is no limit here. Wix has a developer mode so that you can take any site to the next level. If the Wix designer knows what they are doing, they can create a totally unique website with beautiful images, icons, and layouts.

Wix Apps Store

This could be the best feature about Wix. Wix gives you access to dozens of Apps that you can easily integrate onto your site. Some of my favorite apps include Wix Store, Wix Blog, Wix Bookings, Wix Members Area, Wix Forums, Wix Galleries, and more! Finally, you can reduce the number of third-party apps and have all your business assets in one place.

Wix Marketing Tools

Market your business from your Wix dashboard. Create an SEO plan to improve your SEO health. Send out email campaigns. Build a subscribers list and manage all your contacts. Watch your website’s traffic analytics. Promote your business on Google Search and Maps. Run a Google Ad Campaign. Install Facebook Pixels. Marketing your site all from your Wix dashboard is seamless, convenient, and easy to do.

Wix Customer Service

Wix customer service is AMAZING. WordPress doesn’t even have a customer service team. This is especially problematic because you have to manage your own servers using WordPress. Many people don’t know this and run into frequent site issues. Hopefully you have a really talented web developer who can help manage your servers if you have a site on WordPress. Wix, on the other hand, will give call backs within 5 minutes and they will stay on the line until you are totally satisfied. I have never had an issue go unresolved, felt rushed, or unimportant when speaking to a Wix customer service representative.

Wix has so many good things going for them; from custom designs, marketing and SEO tools, and their amazing customer service team. If you are thinking about switching hosts, or if you want to start a website from scratch, learn more about our services today. We make sure your site is totally unique, SEO optimized, and truly reflects your brand.

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