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Is Keyword Planning an Outdated SEO Tool?

Updated: Feb 25

Definitely not! It is important to think about what phrases people are typing into Google that you want to rank for. For example, if you are a mobile pet grooming company in Utah, you probably want to rank for the keyword phrase ‘Pet Grooming Company Utah.’ There are a lot of things that play into your improving your SEO health and keyword planning should be on the top of that list.

Where to start with keywords

In most cases, keyword planning to improve SEO health should start with location. If you have a specific area that you serve and do not include location anywhere in the copy of your website, you are disserving yourself. Try experimenting with creating a beautiful and informational header for your website. All pertinent information in regard to service location, means of contact, and business hours should be easily accessible for website visitors.

Making the most of your keywords

Just because you have keywords on your website, does not mean you will automatically start ranking on search engines. Keywords are one slice of the SEO health pie! Other factors that play into ranking for your carefully chosen keywords is clicks to your website, click-through rates, and drop rates. Basically, the more people who are going to your site, exploring each beautiful page, and not immediately leaving the website is how you start to rank for your keywords. There are many software programs out there that will tell you how many clicks to your site you need in order to start ranking for that particular keyword.

Establishing credibility with your keywords

The quickest way to not get found with your keywords is by over-stuffing them into your website’s copy. If you repeat the same keyword phrase line after line, chances are search engines will think your site is spam. Naturally add keywords into the copy of your website. For example, on an about page, you could say “Our Local Bread Bakery, serving the community of St. George, Utah…”. Then on the contact page you could incorporate something like “We are proud that the Local Bread Bakery, located in St. George, Utah has incredible customer service. Get in touch today!” Another way to maximize your keyword usage is through blog writing. Blog writing is a great way to add more keywords to your website, keep people on your site longer, and to create value for your audience.

An excellent way to get clicks to your website is through social media marketing. Start with one or two accounts, Facebook and Instagram, until you can get comfortable with the platforms. Becoming proficient with social media marketing takes a lot of time and work. Once you are feeling confident and you are posting consistently, branch out to other platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn. To take it a step further, join a Facebook or LinkedIn networking group to increase people engaging with your own unique content.

Not tech-savvy? Don’t have time to spend on social platforms? Get in touch with the social media marketing pros at Wild Optix. Our social media marketing agency will be sure to increase your brand’s reach and build your online presence.

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