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How to use Keywords in Blogs the Right Way

Using keywords in blog articles is so important! Blog posts are prime space for creating helpful content and making the most out of keywords. Keywords are phrases that you want to rank for on search engines! Keyword phrases can be anything like “Blog writing”, “how to write a blog post”, or “how to write a blog post for SEO.” Of course, you don’t want to keyword stuff, but simply incorporate keywords naturally into content.

Importance of Keywords in Blogs

Every company should have a blog! The important of keywords in blogs is not to be ignored. Often, the words that make up the tabs of a website don’t create enough content for businesses to rank. Having a blog based around relevant content in your industry can help you outrank competitors. You want your site to come up when someone searches something relevant in your industry!

How to Put Keywords in Blogs

Putting keywords in blogs is pretty simple. Don’t over-stuff them into content because Google might think your site is spam. A great example of how to put keywords in blogs is this article ‘Take Precautions When Trying Emerging Health Care Trends’. Notice how the blog title is a keyword phrase and all of the sub-titles are also keyword phrases. This article makes sure each of those main keyword phrases are repeated at least twice each throughout the article. Do you notice how seamless repeating the keyword phrases is done? Using keyword phrases the right way is also evidenced in these articles ‘Ketamine for Migraine Pain’, ‘Discover Recreation and Wellness in Aspen, Colorado’ and also ‘Can Exercise Improve Brain Functioning?’.

How to Find Keywords for Blog

The best way to find keywords for your blog is Ubersuggest. At the time of writing this article. Ubersuggest only costs $29 a month. This keyword planning software is the absolute best software you can subscribe too. Ubersuggest helps you discover keyword ideas and pull the data for each keyword phrase including search volume, how competitive it is, and what other sites are ranking for that specific keyword phrase. How keywords are phrased still matters. The tiniest alteration can make a big difference.

When you are writing your blog article, be sure to keep the title between 35-65 characters. Keeping your blog title in that range is optimal for SEO. Hopefully this article helped you understand how to use keywords in blogs. Blog writing is a service that Wild Optix Designs offers, so if you are ready to talk rates and take the load off, get in touch today. We also are currently offering free SEO audits to help you improve the performance of your site.

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