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How to Survive Social Media as an Introvert

Updated: Feb 25

Surviving social media as introvert can feel slim! Just the thought of “putting yourself out there” can cause introverts visceral apprehension. Being seen by hundreds of eyeballs is not something the introvert typically seeks out willingly. Even though the introvert knows social interactions can be healthy, engaging with people can be overwhelming and exhausting. This article focuses on helping the introvert not only survive but thrive on social media.

Soften the “shoulds”

Common misguided perceptions of social media are “I should post a picture of my face daily”, “I should talk into the camera daily”, “I should do a LIVE video”, “I should create a YouTube channel for all of life’s moments”, or “I should post multiple times a day on multiple platforms”. The good news is that all of aforementioned stories we tell ourselves, are in fact FALSE. You do NOT have to talk into the camera, or do LIVE videos, create a YouTube Channel, and post constantly. It is important to remember that your business can be very successful without taking pictures of your face every second of the day. You can create a brand unique as you without making your daily routine apart of it. You would be surprised how many people follow Instagram accounts just to look at coffee cups placed nicely somewhere!

Have fun with the content you are posting

Have you ever heard someone say, “post content you think your audience will enjoy”? There is truth and mistruth in this statement. Aesthetic and quality content are important to take into consideration. It is true magic when your brand is cohesive across your website and platforms. Imagine how the colors, layouts, and fonts all come together to create something beautiful. Stop thinking about what your audience wants! Go ahead and take a sigh of relief here. Be true to your imagination, your truth, your ideas, and your brand. When you give yourself explicit permission to just go with it, you will create a brand unique to you. People will love your unrestricted authenticity and passion for your own business. Creativity will flow easily when you stop thinking about what other people want. However, that point being made, it never hurts to have someone provide valuable feedback on your social media to make sure your message is being represented accurately in the design concepts and the copy itself. Two pairs of eyes are always better one.

Go the extra mile off of social media

Social media can be an incredible way to increase your brand awareness, connect with your audience, increase website traffic, and build valuable connections. Even still, sometimes it is important to take a break even if it’s just for a couple days to clear your mind. Try increasing business traffic by reaching out to potential clients through direct message campaigns on LinkedIn or mailing out promotional material. If you-doing-you has nothing to do with being in front of a camera, then that is totally OK. Don’t cause yourself extra stress thinking of all things you “should” do.

Are you thinking that a permanent break from social media sounds nice? Then let your go to social media management agency, Wild Optix Designs, take over! We will step in and bring your vision to life, so you can get back to reading your favorite Harry Potter book under that cozy, minky, blanket of yours.

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