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How to Choose a Social Media Marketing Agency

Updated: Feb 25

Skeptical about social media marketing agencies? You should be! Not all social media marketing agencies are created equal. During the interview phase, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to help you make the best decision. Choosing a social media marketing agency to create brand awareness, generate website traffic, and increase revenue are all important things to consider.

What to keep in mind when choosing a social media marketing agency

Do their social media accounts have high levels of engagement? High levels of social media engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) is far more important that having a large following with little engagement. Does the social media marketing agency have more than one talented team member? Managing social media is a full-time job and takes more than one set of eyes to ensure high quality. It’s often better to work with a team that take a collaborative approach and have a diverse set of skills. Are the social media posts completely custom and unique? The last thing you want when hiring a social media marketing agency is an agency that provides you templates that you see on every other Facebook and Instagram page. Every post should be tailored to your unique brand.

Where is the social media marketing agency located?

It’s tempting to hire a social media marketing agency off of Fiverr. A lot of the freelance workers that work on Fiverr are typically located in other countries and offer low rates. Take into account location and prices. Cheap prices are not worth low-quality work. You need a social media marketing agency that cares about your brand as much as you do, if not more! If you can find an agency that is in your state or even a nearby state, that is even better. While work can be done remotely, it may be nice to talk to an agency that can have the occasional in-person meeting. If the agency can’t meet in person, they should at least be able to meet over Zoom or Google Meet weekly.

The social media marketing agency should have values

When you’re meeting with a potential social media marketing agency, you should ask them about their values. You want to work with an agency that has integrity. They should care about customer service, honest work, and going above and beyond. Are they responsive? Do they meet deadlines? Do they take time to get to know your organization? Have they asked about your values, goals, or mission?

All of these things are important to take into account. If you are unsure about who to hire, get in touch! We will be happy to meet over Google Meet and we are always excited to learn more about new businesses.

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