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How to Create Easy Backlinks for SEO

Updated: Mar 27

You may be wondering how and where to get backlinks for free. Building backlinks is actually pretty easy. This article focuses on creating easy backlinks for improving your SEO health. Backlinks are links from external sources that point to your website. Spending an hour or so a week creating backlinks can skyrocket your rankings on Google!

Yelp for Business App

Add your business to Yelp. At the most basic level, Yelp is free. To get started you just have to add your basic business information including phone number, email, location and website. How do I put my business on yelp? Get started with the Yelp app. You can create your listing, read and respond to reviews and messages, and keep tabs on your business page.

Site Booster App

The site booster app gives you two free listings! Including the Data Business Index and Factual. Keep in mind, Site booster offers paid plans as well that offer additional listings on Bing, Yahoo and more! The best benefit that Site Booster offers is identity management. All you have to do is input your business information one time and it creates all the listings for you. All listings are updated simultaneously any time you need to make an update.

Social Media for Backlinks

Why not put your blog on Blogger too? While you may not be trying to build a social media presence on Blogger, it is prime space for creating backlinks. Getting started is really easy. To start on blogger, all you have to do is log in with your Google email address. Then on the left-hand dashboard, click ‘Create Post’. From there, just copy and paste over current blogs and hit publish. Each blog post should have multiple links pointing to your site. At the end of the blog post you could put an additional section titled “quick links” and underneath list a few extra links that point to your site. See an example here.

Hopefully this article helps you begin thinking of ways to create easy backlinks for SEO. Building backlinks is only one slice of the SEO health pie. However, this one piece can help boost your rankings really quickly! Need additional help with building backlinks? Request one of our free SEO site audits and then schedule a free consultation. A free SEO audit with Wild Optix Designs will help you discover what backlinks you already have and what backlinks your competitors are ranking for, which will help you put your own plan into action.

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